The Goddess that knits the fabric of Space-Time

Istus is the goddess of Fate, Destiny, Divination, the Future, and Honesty. She is known as the Lady of Our Fate and the Colorless and All-Colored

Istus is aloof from most mortals and immortals alike, concerning herself only with the fate of the universe.

Istus dwells within the Web of Fate, which is thought by some to be a realm in the Outlands and by some to be a pocket universe beyond the known cosmology, or perhaps a demiplane within the Ethereal Plane. All times and places are open to Istus as long as she holds her spindle.

Istus has few true followers and her clerics tend to be stoic and cynical, having seen all the extremes of mortal destinies. They use divinations to discern what fate will bring, and are called upon by nobles and other important people to make predictions about the future. They hold honesty as a virtue, and teach the importance of accepting one’s destiny and role in the world. Eighty percent of them are female.

Clerics of Istus wear gray or white robes. Higher ranking clerics have formal vestments with weblike patterns. They must wear their holy symbols openly. Services to Istus include hangings of gauze, clouds of incense, the music of woodwinds, chanting, and meditation.