Nerd Herd Does D&D (Actual title TBD)

Info dump of background/ summary

I haven't been good about updating the party...

 Background summary: 

 3 goddesses of Fate.  One missing.  Big mechanical city is all that's left (probably) after the planet got more or less eaten by this otherworldly force (the Hunger).  

Corrupt nobles run by 2 gods of chaos (who were the goddess kidnappers).  they're trying to steal her control over magic to gain power and ascend back to god-hood. 

Nobles stole power over the city when the resources of the university & main temple were depleted after fighting off the hunger.  Temple clerics working w/ the previously-shady underground (literally)  thieves'/ assassins' guild to support the common folk who are being trampled by the nobles now.

Characters randomly chosen to go through the goddesses' trial to be a group to save the missing one from the gods-trapped-as-humans.  

* The university has also been closed & barred off from access

So far the party has:  Run the gauntlet and passed, gone to a library to get info on the chaos gods, navigated a labyrinth to retrieve a relic (wand of webs – wasn't actually very exciting), infiltrated a nobles'  masquerade party & Resuced a noble lady by marriage from certain death, and helped out the thieves' guild by stopping a crazy wizard-baker and his Nutella golem. 

Ozzie  made some connections with a noble (attempted flirting), and the group discovered that the leader of the nobles is one of the chaos gods. The lady (Rysanna) they rescued married into the nobles & was being persecuted due to her sister (Midnight)  who has connections to the kidnapped goddess

Supposedly, Midnight has an amulet in which the goddess sealed away a lot of her power, knowing that these chaos gods would come for it sooner or later. 

Midnight used to hang with seedy bunches- the thieves, gamblers, ruffians, etc. of the city, so the group went to talk to the leader of the guild (Ozzie's boss) in order to get any info on her whereabouts-  fought the golem/ wizard in exchange for the information.

Info on the Celestials involved:

The patrons of the city/ university are the 3 fates-  keepers of order, magic, and time. (through there are other temples in town, these are the main ones)

 the 3 fates are Istus (the weaver) the Raven Queen (the cutter) and Mystra (the spinstress).  Mystra is the one that was kidnapped. 

The 2 chaos gods are Talos (storms) and Bane (tyrrany).  they have more or less started a cult amongst the nobles that took over the City.  Both are stuck in human form after being banished for trying to usurp the other gods. One of them was the host of the masquerade the party attended, and he is known here as Lord Kozah. They were thrown out of the pantheon in the last celestial war, so its forbidden to worship them.  that's why they gathered this cult of nobles to act as their followers.


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