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A Brief History of Eironn & The Capital City

Location: Capital City, Eironn (Probably the only place left)

The Capital is a tiered city topped by 2 intertwined temples-  They are for Istus and the Raven Queen, the goddesses of universal order/ time and death respectively. Istus knits the fabric of space-time and the Raven Queen ensures the natural order and cycle of life and death. Both are mostly concerned about the balance of the universe, and thus don’t actually have a large religious following, rather just some clerics that tend to the temples and such.

Directly below that is  tier with the academy (Institute of Planar Research and Exploration a.k.a IPRE) and the nobles’ houses.  Next is the middle level with the markets, artisans, and shops.  Below that is housing & inns/ pubs for workers and commoners, and at the very bottom, in the underground network of clockwork and piping that runs the city are the poor, homeless, and the sewers.  The city itself is a giant, clockwork and steam contraption where each tier spins individually around a central axis.  This means that the gates to pass between tiers only line up and open a few times per day, severely limiting the amount of interaction between the different tiers.  

As far as you know, this city might have been the only one that survived the war with the Darkness.  Most just call it “The Hunger”  since it devoured everything it touched with its inky blackness, sapping all the color, life, and magic from the world. Things have only just now, years later, started to grow colored again, and only in the plains directly outside the city.  A couple of farms have started to pop up here and there wherever the land was protected by the shield.

The shield was a collaboration between the IPRE Academy and the temples.  They were able to create a sphere of protection originating at the top of the temples, and spreading over the city to prevent the Hunger from making it to the city. Eironn was lucky in this sense- the inherent technomancy of the city’s construction, fueled by the IPRE members and clerics allowed for the rapid development of the shield. Unfortunately, it sapped their resources, and the influx of refugees and the chaos of was completely transformed the city from its previous state as the gleaming bastion of innovation and luxury that it once was.

Before the war, the city was run by IPRE and the the temples.  But, after their battle with the Hunger depleted their resources, control of the city was seized by a council of nobles who seek only to increase their own power and militant strength, regardless of the effects of their actions on others.  The clerics have been more or less confined to the temples, and much of the academy is being forced into development of military resources.


Istus and the Raven Queen are angry.


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